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Electric Fields Made Visible

Physics educator James Lincoln helps people understand the natural world. The gifs above are from a Youtube video he made on how to “see” an electric field, the region around a charged object where electric force is experienced. When the object is positively charged, electric field lines extend radially outward from the object. When the object is negatively charged, the lines extend radially inward.  

Click the gifs for more info or see the full video below.

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Robot Self-Assembles And Walks

by Michael Keller

Roboticists have developed a flat machine that can fold itself into an operational form and take a walk. 

Built mostly from paper and polystyrene plastic that shrinks into a memorized shape when heated, the robot can assemble in around four minutes. It can crawl at roughly 2 inches per second and make turns. The work by Harvard and MIT engineers represents the first time that a robot has self-assembled and performed a function without humans needing to intervene.  

“Here we created a full electromechanical system that was embedded into one flat sheet,” said Harvard Microrobotics Lab researcher and doctoral student Sam Felton. “Imagine a ream of dozens of robotic satellites sandwiched together so that they could be sent up to space and then assemble themselves remotely once they get there–they could take images, collect data and more.”

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Gothicism | Dutch Lab | Via

Dutch lab‘s ‘Gothicism’ is an aesthetically intricate device that uses the cold drip method to produce cups of coffee. The project follows the steampunk theme seen throughout the studio’s previous creations, such as the original ‘steampunk’ and ‘eiffel’. Each construct is built in korea from anodized aluminum components that have been laser cut to accommodate brass needle valves, borosilicate glass tubes, and 150-gram tanks. Their development is led by a collection of industrial designers alongside a professional barista by the name of jae wong kwak.

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